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Thank you for your response.
No we were not born to hate, we were taught to hate. Like I said before, parents (mothers especially) want their children to fit in, so they hide things from them, such as difference and true diversity crimes.
So when that child is now an adult, and they see some goth person or gay men or women on the street their entire rose colored mirror is smashed and they feel threatened.
It is a cycle of such when that person has children and teaches them the exact same thing!
My theory of sub-conscious hatred is more of a belief on my part, since I have encountered the rise and fall of such behavior. The anger twords me from a group of kids, then when I confront them, and tell them the truth, they have a meltdown (at this point I get in trouble again).
It is not just a illusion that everyone has to be the same in their eyes, it is reality! And all hell brakes loose when you tell them differently.
I also do indeed belive that we can override such subconsciousness,, fireyinvaderx. But it is the most painful stage of all! Think of it as your entire world is being shut down and you are loosing power. And it is human nature to want to be in control. It is not a pretty picture when they try to fight reality either.
But thats just me.... -Kuwasemono-san
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