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What do you mean, fireyinvaderx?

What's interesting about it? I am very concerned about the way schools handle bullying today, I got rocks thrown at me because I was a bisexual and the principal said that I deserved it!!! WTF?! And yes, all of the teachers backed him up! They expelled me the next day and then called me 'moderate behavior' and said I should go to a specialty school! I am disappointed in the school system for condemning divercity..
The schools name you ask??
Lansdowne Junior Secondary School, Victoria British columbia..
I tip my hat to people who put up with this everyday! Jolly good, guys!
And then! if that's not enough! When the kids shot up Columbine, it was because of extreme bullying and depression! The school didn't even take responsibility, they blamed Rammstein, KDFM and other bands that the kids listened too!
Holy crap, batman! What a safe place to be!
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