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Be proud, be yourself....

Well, yup, I'm bi and guess what... I don't care what you think..
Everbody is just a Eminem copying, plastic skinny now a days and I can't even get by education because of it!! They kicked me out of school because I was an 'oddball'
No, I didn't wear tight jeans or have blond hair or listen to Brittny freakin' Spears, that, my breathren, is why they kicked me out. I want to just say right now: I AM MYSELF NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT ME TO BE! I don't care... Sue me, You'll only add to the already deep cut Public 'sane' socity has made, the hole is too deep now. Like Rina Virk, who was murdered by girls that 'pretended to be her freind then, beat her to death just because she was different. And her killer hasn't even been convicted yet...
If a human is being condemned and hurt for who they are, and this is truly what everyone has come to belive, then maybe Rina should have died... I'm so happy that she is in a better place now and can finally be excepted for the lovely person she is.
And I'm not religious or anything but, if God really loves us for who we are and not for what we are... then why has the word 'condemned' ever been used?

That was for you, Rina...God bless...
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