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Feeling Different?

Say What You Like Here...Feel Free!

Community For Unique and Original People
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Free Speech! This community is for people who want to express themselves freely and not be judged. In this community you can pretty much feel free to talk about whatever you want and how "unique" you really are. Don't be afraid to show your real self. My motto for this community is "BE YOURSELF!" Enjoy! Basically, I don't want people to feel afraid of being who they really are. I don't want them to feel "fake." This community can really be a good stress reliever. I hope you guys enjoy this community! Please refer friends! Just be your individual self!

1. Talk about your favorite activities, or unique qualities.
2. Post things that you think are one of a kind.
3. Allow yourself to show how different you are from everyone else.
5. It would be nice if you used an LJ cut if you post more than what the application says...
To do an LJ cut all you do is type
<*lj-cut*> in the front
<*/lj-cut*> at the end!
Remove the *'s in order for it to work!
The LJ cut is only neccesary for long posts that would be annoying for someone to scroll down to every time. I won't get mad if you forget, but just try to remember! Thanks! ^_^

The Basics
1. Name
2. Age/Birthday/Sign
3. Location
4. What makes you unique?

5. Bands
6. Inspirations
7. Food
8. Color

Be yourself, dude. Fuck what other people think.

It's Abnormal to be Normal

MOD #1: thx4noticinme
I am Brittany (your MOD). My screen name is HoT DaRiA. My LJ is thx4noticinme.

MOD #2: potato219
His name is Potato. His screen name is Shaggy Potato. His LJ is potato219.

MOD #3: cacorruption
"I know some things about this community may seem pretty strange but it's an overall good idea, my livejournal is cacorruption and my sn is Cali4nication13"

If you really enjoy this community and have lovely ideas for it, I will be more than happy to make you a MOD as well!

If any of you have any ideas for cool banners and want to make the community one, please tell me (Brittany) and make one!

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